The Apulian Consortium was born in Bari in 1989, on the initiative of some Apulian entrepreneurs eager to join forces in order to explore various business initiatives and new markets.

Today the consortium represents a solid economic reality of Puglia abroad, specializing in business consulting and operational support for public and private companies operating or about to appear in other markets.

The Apulian Consortium provides support across the board and to every type of business, through direct support to the company management, in order to advise and implement a viable strategic option. The task of the company is to promote the area on the national and international market, increase the knowledge of our products while guaranteeing the same qualitatively. In offices abroad, the consortium relies, for the organization of events, trade exhibition, workshops, both in performing simple tasks such as the organization of business trips, obtaining visas and residence permits, either in more complex collaboration, partnering with several officials of the member companies in the planning and conduct of each meeting or negotiation.

The consortium also ensures, through an extensive network of established relationships with valid local professionals, the most complex problems, for which you need an interdisciplinary approach.

The Apulian Consortium aims to encourage initiatives through which the regional companies and the recipients necessary for the image of Apulia can convey through its own products

organize tours, guided tours, cooking workshops, offer tastings, sale of typical products, or services related to the product Wine.